About Us

Hi Life Beverages was founded in 2018 in Toronto, Canada as a privately owned corporation. Hi Life is in the business of importing, sales and distribution of non-alcoholic beverages.

The company started by making juice products made from hibiscus roselle plants, commonly known as Sorrel juice. 

Our production of Roselle juice was inspired after years of making this juice for family, friends and parties. Its nostalgic taste brings back pleasant memories of our youth and home as it is known around the world by many different names. Yet the essence of this tantalizing beverage remains the same. We decided to venture into the beverage business to bring this special blend of Hibiscus Roselle juice to the western market to share our nourishing refreshment. 

 We are a major supplier of juice products to food businesses such as grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants and more within the Province of Ontario, particularly Toronto. As we support small businesses across Toronto, we get the opportunity to interact with our current and potential customers directly, therefore penetrating the beverage world with the introduction of our unique product and brand that will continue to differentiate us from the competition.